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Kitchen Crew, part time

PUBLICERAD: 13 januari 2022 | SÖK JOBBET SENAST: 12 februari 2022 | KOMMUN: Helsingborg | YRKE: Grillbiträde/Gatuköksbiträde | ANTAL PLATSER: 10| Källa: Arbetsförmedlingen
The opportunity
Better food, better world, better crew who become better leaders. Always improving, always learning, always developing.
Are you ready to learn how to cook (a lot!) in the kitchen of the future?
If you love to create beautiful and finger-lickingly awesome food in a consistent way then this is the opportunity for you. As Kitchen Crew at Curb you will learn how to operate a Cloud Kitchen Concept - a virtual restaurant within a kitchen. You will become familiar with the flow of orders coming in from various platforms and how to quickly turn around food that is built to be delivered, being at its best when it reaches our hungry customers.
If you are interested in leadership and show potential, we are always on the lookout for Team Leaders and will offer intense training to the right talents.
About the job:
If you're looking for a part-time job that supports your full-time ambition, you've come to the right place.
Salary in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.

What you will actually do:
Prepare meals
Cook menu items to order in a timely fashion and with high quality
Comply with safety & sanitation regulations and procedures
Maintain a clean and organized kitchen

You are:
Friendly and enthusiastic
Ready to learn and improve your skills

If you think about the kitchen as a ship, we have created the most well-oiled, efficient and passionate machine known to man. You need to operate your station skillfully, learning all of our concepts one by one.
With enough passion, enthusiasm and willingness to learn you can find a place at Curb Food!

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